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Morinoya Fukujuan (自然に囲まれた貸切 Villa)
Stambeni dom (cijeli prostor) · 4 gosta · 0 kreveta · 1 kupatilo

Morinoya Fukujuan (自然に囲まれた貸切 Villa)森のや 福寿庵は、軽井沢と草津温泉の中間点に位置する群馬県嬬恋村にある閑静な別荘地の貸切ヴィラです。浅間山の北麓にあり、1年を通して雄大な自然を満喫できます。宿泊は2泊から、最大4名様までご利用いただけます。≪設備等の詳細は英文後にあります≫ Morinoya Fukujuan is a charming house where you will be surrounded by and can fully connect with nature. It's located in a very quiet and peaceful area where you can comfortably relax. The surrounding area offers various attractions such as: Kusatsu Onsen, hiking trails, lava park and others. It is the perfect place to recharge your body and soul! IG@morinoya_jp

GO to 北軽井沢コテージ!!★安心のコテージ滞在
Stambeni dom (cijeli prostor) · 2 gosta · 2 kreveta · 1 kupatilo

GO to 北軽井沢コテージ!!★安心のコテージ滞在ビラ秀琳(しゅうりん)は、標高1100m、浅間山麓に位置する、軽井沢プリンスランドの花の街にある、貸別荘タイプの高原リゾート施設です。 コテージは、2名用のスイート、4-6名用家族向けログハウス、5-6名用グループコテージ、6-8名用エグゼログまで全10棟すべて一戸建て。すべてのコテージには、キッチン、バス、トイレが完備。寝具や家具だけではなくリゾート生活に必要なものは、基本的に揃っています(洗面用具、タオル類、パジャマをお持ちください)。各コテージでは無料のWIFIが利用できるので、「リモートワーク・フロム・リゾートホーム(ワーケーション)」も可能です! キッチンには、調理用品、食器、基本的な調味料まで用意されています。車スーパー(車で10分)で食材を調達すれば自炊も可能。もちろん、各コテージの屋根付ベランダ、またはお庭(無料タープ付)で雨天でもBBQが楽しめます。 管理棟も近くにあるので安心です。

Morinoya Kaikian (自然に囲まれた貸切 Villa)
Stambeni dom (cijeli prostor) · 4 gosta · 0 kreveta · 1 kupatilo

Morinoya Kaikian (自然に囲まれた貸切 Villa)Morinoya Kaikian is a very unique Japanese style house, located near by a small river and in a very quiet and peaceful area where you can comfortably relax with your friends or family. Surrounding area offers various attractions such as the famous Kusatsu and Manza Onsen resorts, hiking trails, the Asama Volcano lava park and others. IG@morinoya_jp ≪設備等の詳細は本文後にあります≫ 森のや 回輝庵は、軽井沢と草津の中間に位置する群馬県嬬恋村にある閑静な別荘地内の貸切ヴィラです。浅間山の北麓にあり、一年を通して雄大な自然を満喫できます。高原地帯のため夏でも涼しく、避暑地としても最適です。宿泊は2泊から、最大4名様までご利用いただけます。

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  1. Stambeni dom (cijeli prostor)
  2. Tsumagoi, Agatsuma District
The Villas by カリフォルニア工務店(2021年リノベーション済みログハウス)
€285 po noćenju
  1. Stambeni dom (cijeli prostor)
  2. Karuizawa, Kitasaku District
€220 po noćenju
  1. Brvnara (cijeli prostor)
  2. 南相木村
€178 po noćenju
  1. Smještajna jedinica (cijeli prostor)
  2. Maebashi-shi
Warm sunshine room#02|TONEGAWA
€30 po noćenju
  1. Brvnara (cijeli prostor)
  2. Tsumagoi, Agatsuma District
Forest Log House TWIG/6ppl/BBQ&Pizza OK
€283 po noćenju
  1. Brvnara (cijeli prostor)
  2. Miyota-machi, Kitasaku-gun
Go To対象!一棟貸切長野のハッピーハウス(軽井沢西) ワーケーションにも最適‼
€47 po noćenju
  1. Planinska kuća (cijeli prostor)
  2. Sakuho, Minamisaku District
Sanson Terrace "hut Juksul"
€139 po noćenju
  1. Stambeni dom (cijeli prostor)
  2. 軽井沢町, 北佐久郡
€233 po noćenju
  1. Koliba
  2. Sakuho-machi
Sanson Terrace "silkworm house"
€102 po noćenju
  1. Stambeni dom (cijeli prostor)
  2. 大字, Tsumagoi, Agatsuma-gun
€326 po noćenju
  1. Vila (cijeli prostor)
  2. Karuizawa, Kitasaku District
軽井沢 森のおしゃれなコテージ【I-6】 rentavilla
€135 po noćenju
  1. Seoska kuća (cijeli prostor)
  2. Higashiagatsuma, Agatsuma District
€221 po noćenju

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  • Magical Soy and Japanese Vegan
    The tofu/soybean curd and soy milk are magical ingredients that can replace many meat and egg dishes. They are economical, healthy and much less harming the environment and animals. In this experience, you can learn one of the following sets Tofu Teriyaki / Tofu steak, and Green Soybean Pudding. Vegan Mayonnaise, Vegan Scrambled Egg, and Vegan Egg Sandwich. Vegan Egg Roll ( sweet version), and Green Soybean Dip Vegan Unagi / Eel, and Miso Soup You can refer to the photos in the album to figure out what kind of dishes they are. If you are the one registered first, you can choose the menu you want to learn, but if you are not, the menu would have been already fixed. I'll send a list of ingredients and utensils a week before the experience. Please prepare the items written there if you are going to cook with me. But if you are not, you can watch my demonstration and try making it later at your convenience. A step by step full recipe will be sent to you after completing the experience. These dishes are also very useful for vegan sushi making. So check my another online experience "Japanese Vegan Sushi by Vegan Teacher" On the day of experience, 1. We introduce each other 2. Go through the ingredients, the kitchen utensils and procedure. 5. Making tofu dish. 6. Q&A Message me if you have something to clarify or
    Od Cijena:€39 po osobi
  • Tofu Making and Japanese Vegan Meal
    You can learn how to make soy milk and tofu from scratch. We also make a simple tofu dish, miso soup and brown rice and have dinner together. You will be served the dessert that I made before hand using soy milk. Other things to note Genuine macrobiotic and vegan cooking. Tofu is made from soy beans. If you are allergic to soy, this experience is not suitable.
    Od Cijena:€76 po osobi
  • Good Luck Daruma Doll MasterClass & Temple Tour
    ✽ Learn about authentic Japanese arts, history and culture at a leisurely pace. This is a trip you can't do on your own. ✽ All inclusive ... Just show up and enjoy! We will ... ❀ Paint the face on a Daruma doll ❀ View mountains & a river ❀ Stroll around temple grounds ❀ Eat great food! 1. We’ll start at a local eatery that serves large portions of homestyle Japanese dishes. 2. 10-min walk through a neighborhood to the largest atelier for making Takasaki daruma, sacred good luck paper maché dolls. You can choose the color, and learn about the meaning of the design and history before painting. 3. We’ll walk 15 min across a river next to bamboo groves to the largest daruma temple in Japan, Shorinzan. This expansive area allows you to walk around peacefully, ring the large iron bell next to the zen meditation room, watch carp swim in the pond, and climb stone steps to the various sacred buildings and areas, including a Daruma museum. 4. Before leaving, we’ll have gelato made from the milk of the company’s local dairy farm. ✽ I can provide tips for expanding your stay to include shopping, hot springs, sand spa, traditional Japanese lodging, and more. ✽ Other things to note Wear comfortable clothing & shoes for walking. OK rain or shine! Let me know of any dietary restrictions or concerns. Painting workshops not available Dec 15 - Jan 15 due to Jan 6-7 Daruma festival.
    Od Cijena:€76 po osobi
  • Sembei Cookie Making & Spa Day in Onsen Village
    ✽ Experience Japan's top onsen spa town like a local ✽ ❤︎ Japanese love 'omiyage' gifts, especially yummy ones to eat. Go in this resort's oldest sembei factory, watch and help the owners bake and shape these delicious, healthy treats that are made from pure spring water. Eat to your heart's content! ❤︎ Heal your body in a gorgeous traditional hot spring foot bath. ❤︎ Learn about the history of this historical onsen village, as well as etiquette for Japanese hot springs bathing. ❤︎ Try your hand at dressing yourself in a comfortable, cotton traditional Japanese inn ‘yukata’ robe and belt. Walk to the spa in your vacation outfit …. Just like a Japanese person would do during their luxury hot springs stay! ❤︎ One of the only indoor sand spas in Japan is at the spa. Amazing 2h detox experience (reservation required - 3,000 yen per person) ✦Other things to note✦ ✓ JR Isobe Station meeting & drop off. 1.5h from Tokyo. ✓ Wear comfortable clothing & shoes for walking. ✓ OK rain or shine. ✓ Let me know of any dietary restrictions. ✓ I can offer tips for shopping, sightseeing and traditional Japanese lodging at Mitsuba House (available on Airbnb)
    Od Cijena:€76 po osobi
  • make "SAMURAI Sandals"
    まずは日本の履物の文化や稲わらがどうして生活の中に入り込んでいたのか写真などを見ながら私が5分ほど説明します。 もちろん本物の稲わらも触っていただけますよ。 今回作っていただくサンダルは、本物の稲わらではありませんが、見た目は本物そっくりに作れる稲わら風プラスチックロープで作ります。 足のゆびにロープをひっかけて編んでいきます。 女性の方は、スカートよりパンツスタイルの方が良いですよ。 片足に40~45分くらいかかるので、90分ほどで出来上がる予定です。 ぜひ、作ったら履いて歩いてみましょう。 足の裏からの刺激はとても心地よく、江戸時代にタイムスリップしたような足元になります。 そして、このサムライサンダルは、軽くて、お手入れも簡単です。 滞在中のホテルの室内や、飛行機の中でも活躍すること間違いなしです。 もちろん、お土産にもいいです。 大切な人へのおみやげに作ってあげるのはどうですか? その他の留意事項 駅から13分ほど、私の家まで歩きます。 私の家のリビングでの体験です。 大きな家ではありませんので、カラダの大きい人は、狭いと感じるかもしれませんが、一般的な日本人の家です。 小さな我が家ですが、おくつろぎ下さい。
    Od Cijena:€32 po osobi